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Congratulations to some amazing people!

Bradley and Patricia McDonald - Foster Parents of the Year

Sinika Calloway – Social Worker of the Year

Patty Way – Social Worker in Foster Care Licensing Unit

The difference you make in the lives of children make our world a better place!

Left to right, Sinika Calloway – social worker of the year, Patty Way – social worker in foster care licensing unit, and Bradley and Patricia McDonald – foster parents of the year. 


  • 3.3% of children in foster care were abandoned
  • 6% of them are victims of alleged neglect
  • 3% have one or both parents incarcerated
  • 4.2% are victims of alleged abuse
  • 15.4% have parents on drugs
  • 4.5% are runaways
  • 5.7% are in group homes (no family to take them)
  • 68% are in a temporary situation & will be moved again
  • 95 % are in foster care thru no fault of their own!

FOCAL ensures that EVERY foster child in the Madison County system has the Christmas every child dreams of! Foster Children are provided with Christmas gifts from their own wish lists. We make foster Children’s wishes come true and you can help!!!


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